Client Testimonials

Building relationships in the construction industry is about building long term relationships and the desire of your clients to have you participate in more and more of their work. Below are a few testimonials from clients.

“Thank you for your partnership. The facility looks great in large part due to the efforts of your team”

-Brandon Regional Hospital
Women’s Center Additions/Renovations
Alicia Schulhoff

“The PHM team was awarded our projects after a competitive interview and fee and General Conditions bid process. Of particular note are the Women’s Center and Behavioral Health Unit projects. More specifically:

The Women’s Center project was multi-phased project and had significant challenges for coordination and scheduling. The PHM team consistently met the schedule requirements and passed all inspections with the authorities having jurisdiction for each phase. In addition, the construction team worked closely with the facility staff and design team on the coordination of shut-downs for systems tie-ins and transfers, phasing requirements, and resolution of issues encountered.

The Behavioral Health Unit was designed and constructed on an accelerated schedule that required a form of fast-track scheduling and construction as well as significant coordination and scheduling. The BHU met the high-quality construction standards required by the facility, the deadlines as required by the facilities business plan, and the budgetary requirements. This project also required a great deal of teamwork with the facility and design team which occurred on almost a daily basis.

I would confidently recommend The PHM Group for General Construction and Construction Management services.”

– Brandon Regional Hospital
Various projects since 1998 and specifically the Women’s Center and Behavioral Health Unit projects.
David Park
Vice-President Support Services

“PHM has consistently displayed excellent communication, leadership, and management skills on each project they have completed at our facility. These skills translate directly into the success of the facility.

The projects that PHM has completed at our facility have required very careful coordination with the facility to ensure that construction did not disrupt operations
in adjacent areas. Their knowledge, experience, and understanding of the surrounding environment speak clearly to their abilities as construction professionals.”

-Blake Medical Center
Various projects since 2000
David Matthews

Director of Plant Operations

“Your team delivered this challenging project ahead of schedule and below budget while maintaining the highest level of quality. It was noteworthy that the AHCA inspection team took note of the quality and execution of the project and this reflected well on all involved. PHM’s ability to budget the project at the schematic phase and maintain that budget thru both the pre-construction and construction phases utilizing the LEAN Delivery method, and, your efforts and focus on planning, execution and problem resolution all played and significant role in the successful outcome.”

-Manatee Memorial Hospital
Heart and Vascular Center
Tim Ott
Regional Project Manager

“In my role as the Director of Architecture and Construction at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Sarasota, Florida, I have had the opportunity to work with The PHM Group on multiple projects in and around our facility.

PHM has consistently completed each project within the scheduled duration and under the projected budget while maintaining the high level of quality and workmanship demanded by Sarasota Memorial Hospital. PHM displayed an ability to work with facility/project team members to overcome issues encountered during construction with minimal, or no, impact to the schedule/budget/quality. Their team provided excellent leadership and management of the construction responsibilities for the projects.

It is my pleasure to recommend PHM as a General Contractor for work in their pursuit.”

-Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Various projects since 2002
Tom Perigo
Director of Architecture and Construction