Construction Services

Coordination and Management

  • Establish and implement procedures for coordination among the Project Team.
  • Establish an on-site project organization staffed as the Project Team considers necessary. Provide all facilities and equipment necessary to efficiently coordinate the project. Clearly define roles of authority and responsibility of the team.
  • Schedule and conduct job meetings to ensure the orderly progress of the work.
  • Implement day-to-day project management, including maintenance of job records and logs.
  • Maintain a competent full-time supervisory staff at the jobsite to coordinate and provide direction of the work, and monitor progress of the subcontractors on the project.
  • Inspect the work, to assure that the materials furnished and work performed are in accordance with shop drawings and specifications.
  • Consult the design team for interpretation of questions regarding the documents.
  • Establish and implement procedures for:
    • Visitors’ and employees’ safety.
    • Required systems shutdowns and tie-ins.
    • Infection control and temporary separation of construction and any ongoing Owner functions.
  • Determine the adequacy of trade contractors’ personnel and equipment and the availability of materials and supplies necessary to meet the schedule.
  • Establish effective programs for safety, jobsite records, labor relations and progress reports.
  • Monitor work of subcontractors and coordinate work with activities and responsibilities of the Project Team, to complete the project in accordance with the Owner’s objectives of cost, time and quality.
  • Record progress of the project. Submit written progress reports to the Project Team including information on trade contractors’ work and percentage of completion. Keep a daily log available to the Project Team.
  • Assure project is constructed to achieve the quality standards of the Owner.
  • Perform other construction-related services as required by the Project Team.


  • Monitor, update and adjust project schedules.
  • Assist in scheduling the fabrication and delivery of critical construction items.


  • Award trade contracts after analyzing bids with the Project team.
  • Order long-delivery material items after they are identified and before the total design is completed.

Cost Control

  • Implement and monitor The PHM Group’s project cost control system.
  • Incorporate approved changes as they occur and develop cash flow reports and forecasts as needed.
  • Identify variances between actual and estimated cost.

Shop Drawings

  • Establish and implement procedures for expediting the processing and approval of shop drawings, catalogs, other project papers and samples with the Design Team.
  • Assist in scheduling flow of shop drawings in cooperation with trade contractors and Design Team.

Project Accounting

  • Establish accounting procedures as deemed necessary by the Project Team.
  • Review and process all applications for payment by trade contractors and material suppliers in accordance with the terms of the Contract.

Changes in the Work

  • Develop and implement a system for review and processing of change orders.
  • Recommend necessary and desirable changes to the Project Team. Review request for changes, submit recommendations to the Owner and Design Team.
  • Track all field orders, change order proposals, directives and change orders.


  • Determine final completion and provide written notice to the Owner and Design Team that the work is ready for final inspections.
  • Furnish Owner with all records, certificates, guarantees, warranties and releases at the completion of the project.
  • Assist the Design Team in the preparation of the punch list and review substantial completion documents before final processing.
  • Maintain a set of drawings and specifications to reflect as-built conditions for use by the Design Team in producing record drawings.
  • Provide Owner with operation manuals as are required or appropriate.


  • With the Owner’s maintenance personnel, coordinate the checkout for operation and readiness of utilities, systems and equipment.
  • Assist in setting up maintenance and operational programs.
  • Schedule quarterly walk-thru’s with the Owner and Design Team to address any warranty issues.