Pre-Construction Services

Project Scheduling

Developing project schedules for controlling the project, including Design, Bid and Construction phases.

Cost Control

Complete estimates at each milestone of the design phase (i.e., conceptual, schematic, design development, bid/construction). Estimates are completed at these milestones to assure compliance with project budget. These estimates will also provide critical information and allow decisions to adjust the project budget or adjust the project scope to include or remove specific items, as may be appropriate.

Value Management

This phase is integral with the Cost Control phase. In this phase the building systems are reviewed to determine which systems will give the best performance and the best possible price.

Constructability Reviews

At each of the design phases (conceptual, schematic, design development, and bid/construction) the design documents will be reviewed by the design and construction team to assure there are no omissions, or overlaps, and that the details are complete. Bid packages and scope sheets will be developed to provide full information to the subcontractors for competitive bidding and to alleviate overlapping and/or omitted items from subcontractor/supplier quotes. This process will assure that pricing is accurate and complete during the bid phase.

Bid Management

The PHM Group’s procedures for the competitive bid process include:

  • Solicitation & pre-qualification of subcontractors.
  • Development of scope sheets and bid packages to give subcontractors all information required to provide complete bids and to avoid omissions and/or overlaps in the bid process.
  • Review and analyze all subcontractor and material bids.
  • Preparation of final estimate.
  • Review of all costs with Project Team.