Robert Krawczyk – Senior Project Manager/Corporate Treasurer/Shareholder

After graduation from the University of North Florida with his Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, Robert began his career in the big box retail market, where he excelled and completed over 1,000,000 sf of retail space working as the construction arm of a large regional development company. His experience as a developer / contractor gave him the unique perspective of projects from conception, submission for, and obtaining, all required approvals from authorities having jurisdiction, through opening of projects for business.

In 2014 he joined the PHM Group and trained under a Project Executive, assisted with, and soon took over and completed, a 10,500sf free standing emergency department. The project was just the kind of new challenge Robert was looking for and he quickly became fluent in the requirements for successful healthcare projects. Robert has since compiled an extensive list of healthcare (Agency for Healthcare Administration – AHCA – reviewed) projects that added to his overall experience in the industry.

Robert was soon invited to, and has now, become a shareholder in the company.

As a Senior Project Manager Robert is responsible for the direct day to day operations of the administrative side of all projects assigned to him. In addition, Robert is responsible for the training of new Assistant Project Managers to groom the next leader’s in Project Management for the company. In addition to these duties, Robert also serves as the corporation’s Treasurer.

Robert’s philosophy is the same as that of all the PHM core team, that is the company is dedicated to a collaborative approach among Owner, Architect and Contractor for the success of the Owner’s projects through integrity, honesty, commitment and professionalism in all we do. This approach has developed long term relationships and a great deal of repeat business.

Bachelor of Construction Management University of North Florida, Jacksonville, Florida

Florida (Unlimited License) CGC – 1517469

Other Designations/Services:
Board Member/Director – Operation Patriot Support