Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction services provided by The PHM Group in connection with your project will be adapted to accommodate the stage of the project documents and the desires and needs of the Project Team. If we are selected at project inception we can provide scheduling, cost control, value management, constructability reviews and bid management.

Construction Services

As the design is finalized and construction begins, the services we provide on behalf of the Owner are directed somewhat differently. It is at this point that the contracting and construction aspects of the project become the primary focus of the Team. These responsibilities include coordination and management, scheduling, awarding subcontracts, cost control, processing shop drawings, project accounting, processing change orders, assisting with start-up of new systems and equipment, and project closeout.

Value Management/Engineering

Our Value Management/ Engineering Process begins with Constructability Reviews, which are described in detail in Pre-Construction Services. During Constructability Reviews, the Construction and Design Teams review the drawings to identify any gaps, overlaps and/or omissions in the documents and begin to create bid packages for the bid process. This process is the opportune time to review systems, materials and finishes which may be substituted with more economical choices. Economy may be realized from a number of sources, such as cost, installation time and availability. The Design Team, The PHM Group, subcontractors and the Owner’s Construction Manager work together to identify areas and/or items appropriate for Value Management.